“Social design can build bridges”

Social design CAPSTER

Capster feedback by a user: ‘with your designs I can show I’m willing to integrate yet within my own norms and values’

Interview with dutch CAPSTER-designer Cindy van den Bremen
by Prachi Singh

»One of the biggest arguments we hear against hijabs is that it oppresses women but I feel, by excluding these women from sports activities because they wear hijab, you are preventing them from fully participating in the society and playing their part as a role model to inspire other less fortunate girls. I think, a lot of work still needs to be done, to enable hijab-wearing women to participate in sports of their choice. And Capsters hopes to contribute to that!«

Dutch designer Cindy van den Bremen says that before 1999 there was no such thing as a sport hijab. She invented one almost 17 years ago when she discovered a girl was being expelled from gym-class due to her supposedly unsafe hijab. After working on four different sport hijab designs that were recognized with a ‘Good Design Award’, Bremen launched Capsters brand in 2001.

She shares her thoughts with FashionUnited about modest fashion in today’s world and Capsters’ journey from her decision to dive into the sensitive matter of veiling to a company, that today empowers hijab-wearing sports women and girls worldwide.

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