What we want to do

Which activities does iGDN want to develop in the medium and longer term?

> Facilitate, use and develop networking

> Organize conferences and workshops, regionally and internationally

> Publish (on- and offline) articles, books, blogs etc., especially on:

  • The transformation of research results
  • Academic and business news
  • Both information that concerns IGDN members and externally generated gender design-related topics

> Discuss current issues in design

> Advance the public gender debate by means of critical intervention and active participation

> Set-up, maintenance and development of design and gender related databases

> Carry out research studies on, for example:

  • Equality and diversity: on the condition of female designers (in academia, in business, as freelancers and as self-employed designers)
  • The participation of female designers in design juries
  • Business and Gender Design
  • Law and Gender Design
  • What is the role of gender in the design process, in design creation, in the making of design?
  • Gendered Products
  • Gendered Purchasing
  • Gender and Virtuality: Internet communication, apps. etc.
  • Design (profession) in relation to gender and in terms of ethnicity/race
  • Pink: The New Horror