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We are two strong women – Designing Empowerment in a Pervasive Game

„Gender-aware design is important in computer games in general, and perhaps even more so in the design of pervasive games, as these are played in the ordinary world. As pervasive games blur the distinction between game and non-game situations, they influence the everyday lives of their players.“ Gender-awareness in game design: How deals game-design with […]


”Sawtuha“ is released by the German label Jakarta and is a result of a recording session with 9 female musicians from Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and Syria who spend 2 weeks in a studio in Tunis with Oddisee and Olof Dreijer of The Knife. A protest against “corruption, despotism, patronisation and narrow-mindedness”. As Jakarta Records explains: […]

Video by Hungarian artist Boggie

The Hungarian artist Boggie has created an absorbing music video that details a photoshop session on her face. While the also catchy song is playing, you can observe her changing from a natural beauty into a flawless female stereotype.

Gritty in pink (The Guardian, UK)

Jane Martinson in The Guardian’s women’s blog: Gritty in pink: Hunger Games inspires bow and arrows toy for girls „With Catching Fire out next week, Hasbro’s Nerf Rebelle bows are sure to top many a Christmas list this year. But why must so many toys for girls – even those that encourage outside play – […]

Online resources / reading

We will be posting information on online and offline resources and reading on a regular basis. This is the first post in this category. Rockwood, Kate: Forget ‚Shrink it and pink it‘: The Femme Den unleashed Article about a group of four female product designers (Erica Eden, Agneta Enga, Whitney Hopkins, Yvonne Lin) at Smart […]