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Dr. Seba Ali – We are going through massive transitions (Video)

We are very happy to start our series of video statements about gender, design, the present and future situation. The iphiGenia Gender Design Award 2020 #iphi2020 was postponed due to Covid-19. Instead, the international Gender Design Network / iGDN is offering space for video statements and interviews by former iphi winners and renowned design experts / members of the iphi Research Committee international. Dr. Seba Ali, Assistant Professor of Music at the Lebanese American University in Beirut – was the winner of the iphigenia Gender Design Award 2019 / Revolution. She is sharing her thoughts on transitions towards new norms to come, changes to last and on what role Gender and Design are playing in these times. Sponsored by

iphi2020 postponed

As you may have already guessed the board and the activist group in Cologne of the iGDN, after long discussions, decided: this year’s edition of the iphi award must be postponded. At the moment, we are not able to foresee whether it will be possible to hold the award ceremony in the usual way. Furthermore, we think that a digital version would not be an adequate replacement because both the award ceremony and the supporting programme are very much defined by coming together, exchanging thoughts and ideas and sharing a great night. We do, however, continue to collect entries through our website,, and from our Research Committee international (RCi). The next jury session is also postponed and will take place in spring 2021. The jury will consider all entries from this year and from 2021. We are confident that we will be able to have a great, cheerful and glamorous award ceremony again in the autumn of 2021. We wish you all the very best, and let’s stay in „touch“ (strange word meanwhile).

ökoRAUSCH Video mit Ina von Rumohr

iphi im ökoRAUSCH

Wir freuen uns sehr, dass der iphiGenia Gender Design Award beim ökoRAUSCH Festival 2020 im MAKK in der Ausstellung präsentiert wird! Unter dem Titel „Nur Design rettet die Welt“ wird auch unser Beitrag sensationelle 4 Wochen im MAKK zu sehen sein – vom 28. August bis zum 24. September 2020! Dunja Karabaic Kim Huber von ökoRAUSCH haben mit uns ein Video gemacht, in dem iGDN Vorstandsmitglied Ina von Rumohr erläutert, was gendersensibles Design mit Nachhaltigkeit zu tun hat. Die redaktionelle Beratung vom iGDN lag bei Prof. Katja Becker und Claudia Herling (Vorstand iGDN), beide aktive Mitglieder des iGDN. Mehr Infos bei ökoRAUSCH Die national und international besetzte Ausstellung mit hochwertigen, nachhaltigen Produkten, innovativen Designkonzepten und Positionen aktueller Kunst im Spannungsfeld von Mensch und Natur ist das Herzstück des Festivals und wird die gesamte Zeit über in der Halle des MAKK präsentiert. Das Festivalprogramm wird zu Beginn des Festivals besonders abwechslungsreich, bietet während der vier Wochen viele Führungen und Workshops und schließt mit einem Abschluss voller Highlights. ökoRAUSCH FBökoRAUSCH insta

#iphi2019 The Winners: Gabriel A. Maher, Dr. Seba Ali and Rora Blue | ©Florian Yeh

#iphi2019 winners – iphiGenia Gender Design Award 2019

#iphi2019 Winners: International and Diverse

This year’s iphi winners come from Amsterdam, Beirut and San Francisco – three iphi2019 winners, three continents, but one overarching theme: their work represents smart design, free from (or against) stereotypes and it’s for this that they are being recognized. With the 2019 iphiGenia Gender Design Awards, the iGDN as the organizer of the prize has shown the significance of integrating gender issues in design.

Our #iphi2019 winners share the same intention: using design to make gender prejudices and ignorance visible, to highlight diversity and to express the untold.

The winners’ work and the
effect this kind of work has on consumers, clients and students has shown us
that gender issues have to be classified at the same level as human rights and
that, with design, we can do a lot to move things forward.

Gender Design Experts to Join the iphi Team – Research-Committee

The international Gender Design Network/iGDN will receive active support for the iphi Award (iphiGenia Gender Design Award): the Research-Committee iphiGenia (RCi) consists of 27 renowned international experts who will be looking for gender-sensitive design throughout the world and will be submitting their findings to the jury. Find out more about the members of the Research Committee here You would like to submitt an entry for #iphi2019? Please visit the iphi Website

Foto: Florian Yeh, #iphi2018 Trophäe

Gender-Blog about #iphi2018

gender-blog: von Gendersensibilität, Seesternen und kritischen Designer*innen Autorin: Johanna Forth | gender-blog | 27. November 2018 Am 8. November zeichneten wir das Unternehmen AESOP, das Magazin awomensthing und die drei jungen Initiatorinnen von notamuse mit dem iphiGenia Gender Design Award 2018 aus. Wir freuen uns über diesen schönen Bericht zum #iphi2018 auf dem gender-blog. Der blog interdisziplinäre geschlechterforschung ist der Wissenschaftsblog des Netzwerks Frauen- und Geschlechterforschung NRW. Unter den Rubriken Forschung, Debatte, Interview und Gesehen Gehört Gelesen können Autor*innen Beiträge aus dem Spektrum der Geschlechterforschung bei der Redaktion einreichen. Mitglieder des Netzwerks Frauen- und Geschlechterforschung NRW und interessierte Geschlechterforscher*innen stellen hier Forschungsergebnisse vor und beteiligen sich mit ihren Beiträgen an aktuellen Fragen und Debatten. Foto: Florian Yeh  

Keynote Robert Franken

iphiGenia 2018 – A night of inspiration

Robert Frankens keynote puts its fingers on the pulse of the times. Roberts speech impressed and inspired our guests and us. Therefore we are very happy to publish the entire keynote here for everyone to share and read. Thank you, Robert Franken! Please support our young talents: notamuse – The Book   Keynote Robert Franken – all rights reserved Manuscript iphiGENIA Award Ceremony 2018 Ladies and gentlemen, good evening, it is truly an honor for me to be standing here and to be talking to you in the MAKK on a night that is celebrating excellence in design. I am already looking forward to learning more about the iphiGENIA laureates later this evening. This is gonna be fantastic. Standing here is a pretty exciting experience, too, since I do not have anything of relevance to say about design. The reason for that is easy: I am not a designer, not even close. What I am, is an activist. More or less. And, admittedly, I am an activist of privilege. My privilege is a privilege that I share with quite …