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The GREAT Small: the 2nd iGDN Conference in Hong Kong

The GREAT small: Gender Design Conference will examine how gender is implicitly embedded in both our designed environments and design practices by using interdisciplinary approaches. Participants will share insights on how designers can tackle social responsibility and can empower consumers, audiences, and users in their interaction with one another. In hopes of transcending the binary thinking and essentialism prevalent in the design tradition, the conference will feature keynote speeches, roundtables, and workshops, thus shedding light on the multiple and fluid options located at the interface between gendering and designing, and on what the future holds for innovation, research, and practice.

Gender difference, gender sensitivity, and possible futures in design

10 Oct 2014 – 11 Oct 2014  | 09:00 am – 06:00 pm
V322 & Podium, Jockey Club Innovation Tower,
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The second annual conference of the international Gender Design Network organized in collaboration with Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation, School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Open for everyone interested, including:

  • thought leaders and policy makers
  • scholars, educators, researchers, and students
  • design professionals
  • artists and creative industries practitioners
  • women’s associations, LGBT, youth, and other community groups
  • members of the public

The international Gender Design Network (iGDN), an organization consisting of design practitioners and design scholars around the world, is set to hold its second annual conference in Hong Kong on 10 & 11 October 2014. With the aim of facilitating exchange and critical discussion on the topic of gender and design, the conference will explore questions of gender awareness in design disciplines and practice. The conference targets designers, researchers, and members of the public worldwide. The iGDN Board is thrilled to announce its partnership with the Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation in organising the upcoming conference in conjunction with the Institute’s signature event, the Social Innovation Festival.

Date & Time 10 Oct 2014 – 11 Oct 2014 09:00am – 06:00pm Workshop registration available through 10DayFest website in later August 2014.

Venue V322 & Podium, Jockey Club Innovation Tower, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Contact/Organizer thegreatsmall2014@gmail.com 3400 3436 Conference info at PolyU Design website

Organizer: iGDN Second Annual Conference Secretariat

Co-organizer: Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation, School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Workshops/Breakout Sessions

Personal to Political to Design Practice, Maja Gunn (Sweden)

This workshop takes its starting point from the idea ‚personal is political.‘ Using ideas and methods related to intersectionality and transversal dialogues, the workshop will focus on personal experiences and the sharing of them. Working individually and in groups we will reflect, discuss and share our experiences. Furthermore the workshop will involve the use of personal experiences developed into a design practice. The session will be a combination of a discussion and a hands-on workshop.

Gendered Power, Prof. Uta Brandes (Germany)

This seminar (hopefully in an equally serious and amusing way) will deal with the gendered power in and through the design of products. It will focus on the phenomenon that the expression of power through products predominantly is connoted with socially constructed maleness. Are there products at all that may demonstrate the power of femaleness?

Gender Roles and Stereotypes in Design, Doreen Toutikian (Lebanon)

This workshop is about looking into gender roles and stereotypes regarding women from different cultures around the world and understanding how international perceptions are formed. Moreover, we will be speculating how the international media influences these common perceptions and how this presents designers with challenges when designing products and services for women from other cultures. These challenges are not limited to the commercial aspects of design but also within the public realm of spaces and services. In groups, participants will be asked to highlight and categorize challenges which will then be developed into opportunities. Then they will be asked to form concepts based on certain personas and scenarios.

Urban Armor Hong Kong, Kathleen McDermott (Hong Kong)

Urban Armor is a series of playful electronic wearable devices for women, which investigate the ways women experience public space. In the Urban Armor Hong Kong Workshop, participants will be invited to share their experiences of public space in a group discussion, and will then learn to create their own wearable technology piece with the help of artist Kathleen McDermott. For more information about Urban Armor, please visit www.urbanarmor.org.

Colour Theory in Toy Design, Kristina Adams (USA)

Upon entering a toy store, you will immediately notice how children’s toys are color coded. The use of pink and glitter designates girls‘ toys, while boys are presented with blues, reds, and silvers. From a very early age, toy packaging draws stark gender lines, instills social gender norms, and steers children toward specific interests. This alienates girls from ‚boy toys‘ and vice versa. The pervasive idea that pink represents all girls and blue represents all boys even translates into the adult world. It leaves us with superfluous products like Bic pens for women, which are pastel hued and slightly smaller than standard pens. Join us for a frank discussion of the use of color and gender normalisation in packaging and toys, and work in groups to explore and prototype non-gender specific options.

Communication Design for Gender Cultures, Prof. Elena Caratti​, Prof. Giovanni Baule and Prof. Valeria Bucchetti (Italy)

This workshop looks into female representation in mass media. It will offer tools and a platform for critical analysis of gender stereotyping and its negative effects in society. The workshop aims to test and to evaluate some communicative prototypes that were designed by the research group dcxcg (communication design for gender cultures of Politecnico di Milano, Design Department), with the intention to create an educational model that could be shared in different contexts (in high schools in particular). The workshop is suitable for educators, policy makers, researchers and anyone interested in communication design and gender.​

When Sex Toys Talk, Prof. Katrien Jacobs (Hong Kong)

In this open debate, several people will be invite to present short statements or position papers for or against a certain type of sex toy design, keeping in mind feminist, historical, environmental, medical and carnal approaches versus the reign of the commodity.

A Perfect Day Across Generations, Philine Bracht (Hong Kong)

This workshop brings together young people and senior citizens from different cultural backgrounds with an aim to co-design a perfect day. ​The workshop looks into daily life across generations and from the point of view of gender. What highlights do older women have in their everyday? How to design experiences that can be shared between young and old? How does gender appear in relation to age and daily routines?

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