October 11, 2103: iGDN Germany meets WONDER in Cologne to join forces

Women in design research WONDER meet up with Prof. Dr. Uta Brandes and several members of the German division of the iGDN to exchange about projects, agenda and possible future collaborations.

WONDER is a network of scandinavian women (female professors, post.docs and PhD students) in design research with the goal to contribute to professional and career development and to increase the share of women in permanent research positions at universities. They work interdisciplinary, while the main focus is on design.

Prof. Dr. Martina Keitsch (Department of Product Design, Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Prof. Astrid Skjerven (Faculty of Technology, Art and Design, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences) and Prof. Nina Bjørnstad (Institute of Design, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design) were accompanied by their PhD candidates Maral Babapour Chafi and Julia Schlegel who gave insights in their areas of expertise as well as introduced current research projects in relation to gender and design.

Maral Babapour Chafi talking about women in design research in Scandinavia

KISD Alumni Andreas Breilmann a gave short presentation about his final thesis Bundeswear(which is nominated for the Kölner Design Prize) Marijke Doemges talked about her research proposal dealing with the infantilisation of women in return to the sexualisation of girls.

KISD students Aljoscha Nimz and Sebastian Oft talked about the relation of queens and straight actors within the homosexual community as well as in the heteronormative society.

Janine Bohley contributed her BA thesis about the gender sensitive concept of the soon-to-come new iGDN corporate design.

We want to thank the women of WONDER for their profound and inspiring input. We are looking forward to work with you!

Nina Bjørnstad, Julia Schlegel, Prof. Dr. Brandes, Sebastian Oft, Prof. Dr. Martina Keitsch, Marijke Doemges, Tanja Godlewsky, Andreas Breilman, Joana Francener Porto and Maral Babapour Chafi (photo taken by Claudia Herling)