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Miles Min Chen, mulitdisciplinary designer from China, showing a paper mock-up of a COVISD_19 mask design.

Miles Min Chen – Because of the virus I’ve thought of changing life. (Video)

Watch our third video statement by RCi member (iphi Research Committee international)  Miles Min Chen (Hangzhou, China). Miles Min Chen is multi-disciplinary designer; he designs from objects to technological products and interior architecture. He works for both Chinese and Western companies. He studied in Cologne, Germany, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and Milan, Italy. He lives and works in Hangzhou, China. The iphiGenia Gender Design Award 2020 #iphi2020 was postponed due to Covid-19. Instead, the international Gender Design Network / iGDN is offering space for video statements and interviews by former iphi winners and renowned design experts / members of the iphi Research Committee international. Sponsored by

Home Brass Oil Burner Aesop

Aesop – iphiGenia »Evolution« winners interview

Aesop – the Australian company creates skin, hair and body care products. They are an exceptional example of a company bringing together gender, culture and social commitment in an outstanding overall design approach that is both respectful and sensitive. We are keen on learning more about our iphiGenia-winners work and their idea about gender design. Here are our questions: The design and the architecture of each shop is different, albeit clearly recognizable. What’s the story behind this concept? Our stores and counters are the embodiment of our philosophy and our approach to retail service. While two Aesop spaces are never the same, when a customer enters any door around the world, they encounter the familiar: the products on our shelves, the knowledge, gracious hospitality and service extended by our consultants, and an aesthetic anchored not only to our sensibility but also to local culture, traditions and materials. Architecturally, our design method is to work with what is already there, weaving ourselves into the core and fabric of the street rather than imposing ourselves upon a …

iphiGenia winner MINDSHARE – image

Interview with iphiGenia-winner MINDSHARE, Copenhagen

The Danish agency MINDSHARE will be awarded with the first international Gender Design Award iphiGenia »Revolution«.   We would love to learn more about our iphiGenia-nominees project and their idea about gender design. Here are our questions: How did you get the idea for Image Hack? The idea came to life by continuously experiencing the difficulty in finding pictures in various image banks that actually portrayed women as strong, independent and equal to men. If we don’t provide the advertising industry with non-stereotypical images of women it’s going to be very hard to change the media land scape and this is why we started working on the idea, that ended with Image_Hack. You talk about »legal hacking«? What is legal hacking? We used the stock sites’ own algorithms to “hack” the site. By tagging our pictures with words as beautiful and strong, we were able to “hack” the site to show pictures of strong and independent women in non-stereotypical roles, when people search for beautiful women on a stock site. What does the term »beautiful …

iphiGenia Gender Design Awardee Evolution

Interview with iphiGenia-winner THINX, New York

The young company THINX from New York will be awarded with the first international Gender Design Award iphiGenia »Evolution«. We are keen on learning more about our iphiGenia-nominees work and their idea about gender design. Here are our questions: What’s the history behind your company? Thinx, founded in 2013, is a revolutionary period proof underwear company and recognized by Time Magazine as one of the “best 25 inventions” in 2015. The Thinx mission is to revolutionize menstrual hygiene by creating the best and most innovative period solutions; to empower humans and sustain our planet while breaking taboos and changing the conversation around menstruation and reproductive health everywhere. We make period proof underwear that looks and feels like regular underwear but can be used as a replacement or a back-up to pads or tampons. We have a range of core products in many styles – our most popular are hip hugger, boy short and sport and these come in a range of absorbencies – and can hold up to 2 tampons worth of liquid. Our patented …

Mindshare Denmark

„Unisex gibt es nicht“: Interview mit Uta Brandes im Deutschlandfunk

Neuer Preis für geschlechtersensibles Design Rosa Puppen, kantige Autos, einseitige Agenturbilder: Im Design von Alltagsdingen spiegeln sich die Geschlechterstereotype ihrer Gestalter. Das Gender Design Network prämiert nun die positiven Gegenentwürfe. „Wir möchten etwas, was alle ansprechen kann“, so Initiatorin Uta Brandes im Dlf. Uta Brandes im Corsogespräch mit Susanne Luerweg Beitrag im Deutschlandfunk nachhören mehr zum iphiGenia-Designpreis auf