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Griselda Flesler gives a moving and intense statement on Gender and Design.

Griselda Flesler – We must think about who is inside or outside of our categories when we design. (Video)

Thank you to Griselda Flesler for a moving and intense statement on Gender and Design. Griselda supports iGDN as RCi member (iphi Research Committee international). Griselda Flesler is professor of the Department of Design and Gender Studies at FADU, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina; she also is a researcher at the American Art Institute of the University. It was her who initiated and founded the ‚Unidad de género‘ at the university. and The iphiGenia Gender Design Award 2020 #iphi2020 was postponed due to Covid-19. Instead, the international Gender Design Network / iGDN is offering space for video statements and interviews by former iphi winners and renowned design experts / members of the iphi Research Committee international. Sponsored by

#iphi2019 The Winners: Gabriel A. Maher, Dr. Seba Ali and Rora Blue | ©Florian Yeh

#iphi2019 winners – iphiGenia Gender Design Award 2019

#iphi2019 Winners: International and Diverse

This year’s iphi winners come from Amsterdam, Beirut and San Francisco – three iphi2019 winners, three continents, but one overarching theme: their work represents smart design, free from (or against) stereotypes and it’s for this that they are being recognized. With the 2019 iphiGenia Gender Design Awards, the iGDN as the organizer of the prize has shown the significance of integrating gender issues in design.

Our #iphi2019 winners share the same intention: using design to make gender prejudices and ignorance visible, to highlight diversity and to express the untold.

The winners’ work and the
effect this kind of work has on consumers, clients and students has shown us
that gender issues have to be classified at the same level as human rights and
that, with design, we can do a lot to move things forward.

Keynote Robert Franken

iphiGenia 2018 – A night of inspiration

Robert Frankens keynote puts its fingers on the pulse of the times. Roberts speech impressed and inspired our guests and us. Therefore we are very happy to publish the entire keynote here for everyone to share and read. Thank you, Robert Franken! Please support our young talents: notamuse – The Book   Keynote Robert Franken – all rights reserved Manuscript iphiGENIA Award Ceremony 2018 Ladies and gentlemen, good evening, it is truly an honor for me to be standing here and to be talking to you in the MAKK on a night that is celebrating excellence in design. I am already looking forward to learning more about the iphiGENIA laureates later this evening. This is gonna be fantastic. Standing here is a pretty exciting experience, too, since I do not have anything of relevance to say about design. The reason for that is easy: I am not a designer, not even close. What I am, is an activist. More or less. And, admittedly, I am an activist of privilege. My privilege is a privilege that I share with quite …

»notamuse«– iphiGenia »Volition« winners interview

Der international Gender Design Award iphiGenia »Volition« geht an »notamuse«: Das Online-Projekt stellt Grafikdesignerinnen in den Mittelpunkt der Aufmerksamkeit um sie in der Designöffentlichkeit sichtbar zu machen. Wir wollten mehr über die Arbeit und die Ideen zum Gender und Design unserer jungen iphiGenia »Volition« Gewinnerinnen wissen. Hier unsere Fragen: 1. Wie haben Sie Drei sich a. zusammengefunden, um b. genau dieses Thema zu bearbeiten? Wir haben uns während eines Design-Masters an der HAW Hamburg kennengelernt. Das Thema »Frauen im Grafikdesign« hat uns alle drei – aufgrund sehr unterschiedlicher Motivationen – schon lange beschäftigt. Zu wenige weibliche Vorbilder im Grafikdesign, eine lückenhafte Design-Geschichtsschreibung, unausgewogene Sprecher_innenzahlen auf Konferenzen oder sexistische Erfahrungen im Arbeitskontext sind nur ein paar Punkte, die in diesem Zusammenhang genannt werden können. Auf der Suche nach einem Masterthema beschlossen wir dann, die Thematik anzugehen und ein Projekt zu starten, das langfristig ein Bewusstsein schafft. Dabei geht der angelegte Rahmen weit über eine Masterarbeit hinaus und wir arbeiten noch lange nach dem Abschluss an dem Projekt. 2. notamuse: da stecken sowohl die Muse als auch …

»A Women’s Thing» – iphiGenia »Revolution» winners interview

»A Women’s Thing« is a print and digital publication dedicated to reshaping society’s ideas of what “women’s things” are. They are interested in stories that never get told: educational, emotional and inspirational. The US-American publication will be awarded with the second international Gender Design Award iphiGenia »Revolution« We are keen on learning more about our iphiGenia-winners work and their idea about gender design. Here are our questions to Saskia Ketz, editor-in-chief: How did you get the idea for A Women’s Thing, and how did it start? I was working at a tech startup here in New York and we had many male employees, which sometimes brought in an unbalanced dynamic for the women on the team. Company culture, of course, reflects the socialization of its employees. After reading Sandberg’s “Lean In”, I wanted to create a women’s group within the company, mainly to discuss our thoughts on how we could have a stronger voice when it came to hiring decisions. We interviewed Roseanne Haggerty, who has been a pioneer of homelessness efforts in the city …

First iphiGenia Gender Design Award Celebration: A Fantastic Night Met With Great Acclaim

It was a truly successful start to the iphiGenia Gender Design Award. Filled with a lot of passion and commitment and toasted with very fine wine, the night exceeded the expectations of both audience and award winners. [deutsche Fassung siehe unten] When the about 200 guests arrived at the Cologne Museum of Applied Arts, they were greeted with subtle sounds and atmospheric visuals promising a very special night. A 13-strong team of iGDN members from Cologne and Berlin had set up a programme that did justice to the occasion. Presenters Tanja Godlewsky and Prof. Dr. Michael Erlhoff guided the audience through the programme in an entertaining and playful way, catering to both German and English speakers. In her opening address, the museum’s director, Dr. Petra Hesse, underlined the award’s importance and topicality. Member of the German parliament, Anke Domscheit-Berg, also called for more gender-sensitive design, providing a fact-based and striking account of gender inequalities and gender stereotyping in everyday life. For many of the guests, who came from all sorts of professions and industries, Prof. …

iphiGenia jury: Interviews

10/7/2017 »Why is gender important in design?« Jury member Florian Conradi from iGDN on Vimeo. 10/5/2017 »Was it easy for the jury to reach an agreement or was there a lot of discussion?« Jury member Tanja Godlewsky from iGDN on Vimeo. 10/5/2017 »Why is the iGDA so important?« Jury chair Katja Becker from iGDN on Vimeo. 10/3/2017 »Why is the iGDA an international award?« Jury member Uta Brandes  from iGDN on Vimeo. 10/3/2017 »Was it easy for the jury to reach an agreement or was there a lot of discussion?« Jury member Ina von Rumohr from iGDN on Vimeo. 10/2/2017 »Why is gender important in design?« Jury member Tanja Godlewsky from iGDN on Vimeo. 10/1/2017 »Who are the people behind the iGDN? What else does the iGDN do?« Jury chair Katja Becker from iGDN on Vimeo. 10/1/2017 »How did you go about looking for projects that would meet the requirements for the award?« Jury member Florian Conradi from iGDN on Vimeo. 09/30/2017 »Are you excited to meet the winners on October 12th? Can we expect …