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iphiGenia 2018 – A night of inspiration

Robert Frankens keynote puts its fingers on the pulse of the times. Roberts speech impressed and inspired our guests and us. Therefore we are very happy to publish the entire keynote here for everyone to share and read. Thank you, Robert Franken! Please support our young talents: notamuse – The Book   Keynote Robert Franken – all rights reserved Manuscript iphiGENIA Award Ceremony 2018 Ladies and gentlemen, good evening, it is truly an honor for me to be standing here and to be talking to you in the MAKK on a night that is celebrating excellence in design. I am already looking forward to learning more about the iphiGENIA laureates later this evening. This is gonna be fantastic. Standing here is a pretty exciting experience, too, since I do not have anything of relevance to say about design. The reason for that is easy: I am not a designer, not even close. What I am, is an activist. More or less. And, admittedly, I am an activist of privilege. My privilege is a privilege that I share with quite …