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18.11.17: Feminist practices in design and architecture – 2 books / presentation

Feminist practices in design and architecture – 2 books

Presentation & discussion with the author and editors on feminist ideas in research and practice in architecture, art, and design – with a response by Jane Rendell, Bartlett School of Architecture.

18. November 2017 – 20:30
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thematische Buchhandlung zu Stadt, Politik, Pop, Ökonomiekritik, Architektur, Design, Kunst & Theorie
Almstadtstraße 48-50, D-10119 Berlin

Feminist Futures of Spatial Practice. Materialisms, Activisms, Dialogues, Pedagogies, Projections
edited by Meike Schalk, Thérèse Kristiansson and Ramia Mazé

Architecture and the arts have long been on the forefront of socio-spatial struggles, in which equality, access, representation and expression are at stake in our cities, communities and everyday lives. Feminist spatial practices contribute substantially to new forms of activism, expanding dialogues, engaging materialisms, transforming pedagogies, and projecting alternatives. Feminist Futures of Spatial Practice traces practical tools and theoretical dimensions, as well as temporalities, emergence, histories, events, durations – and futures – of feminist practices.
Authors include international practitioners, researchers, and educators, from architecture, the arts, art history, curating, cultural heritage studies, environmental sciences, futures studies, film, visual communication, design and design theory, queer, intersectional and gender studies, political sciences, sociology, and urban planning. Established as well as emerging voices write critically from within their institutions, professions, and their activist, political and personal practices.
Feminist Futures of Spatial Practice deepens and broadens how we can understand and engage with different genders, bodies and peoples, diverse voices and forms of expression, alternative norms and ways of living together.

Contributions by Mariana Alves Silva, Jenny Andreasson, Nishat Awan, Katarina Bonnevier, Karin Bradley, Sara Brolund de Carvalho, Brady Burroughs, Ragnhild Claesson, Yvonne P. Doderer, Macarena Dusant, Annika Enqvist, Maryam Fanni, Liza Fior, Hélène Frichot, Katja Grillner, Ulrika Gunnarsson-Östling, Sophie Handler, Nel Janssens, Elke Krasny, Thérèse Kristiansson, Anja Linna, Nina Lykke, Helena Mattsson, Ramia Mazé, Irene Molina, Ruth Morrow, Jane da Mosto, MYCKET, Doina Petrescu, Julieanna Preston, Rehearsals (Petra Bauer, Sofia Wiberg, Marius Dybwad Brandrud, Rebecka Thor), Helen Runting, Nora Räthzel, Meike Schalk, Despina Stratigakos, Kristoffer Svenberg, The New Beauty Council, Kim Trogal, and Josefin Wangel.

AADR (Spurbuchverlag) 2017
384 pages, 21 x 25 cm, softcover, ISBN 978-3-88778-489-8, English,  42.00 EURO

How to make yourself a Feminist Design Power Tool.
by Hélène Frichot

Set amidst the experimental ecology of practices that supports feminist thinking and doing in architecture, this small book outlines an instruction guide that presents six provocative steps toward the invention of productive concept-tools. It invites readers to explore creative and messy methodologies that combine an aesthetics with a practical ethics. Frichot encourages us to think and do architecture in ways that challenge a dogmatic status quo that celebrates major figures, while overlooking the care and labour of minor figures and practices.

Hélène Frichot (PhD) is Associate Professor and Docent in Architecture at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm; she leads the research and teaching division Critical Studies in Architecture. Frichot co-curated the Architecture+Philosophy public lecture series in Melbourne, Australia (2005-2014) and is co- convener of numerous conferences on alternative practices, feminism, theory and criticality in architecture.

AADR (Spurbuchverlag) 2016
Practice of Theory and Theory of Practice
160 pages, 12 x 16,4 cm, softcover, ISBN 978-3-88778-498-0, English, 16.00 EURO


Pro qm
thematische Buchhandlung zu Stadt, Politik, Pop, Ökonomiekritik, Architektur, Design, Kunst & Theorie

Almstadtstraße 48-50, D-10119 Berlin
Tel. 030.2472852-0, Fax 030.2472852-1
Mo.-Sa. 11-20 Uhr

thank you @ Jennifer Schubert for recommending this event

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