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Tag: 10. April 2014

Design of the workplace in non-territorial Coworking Spaces

»The past: You were in the office. The present: Your desk is office. The future: You are the office.« (Mary Colette Wallace, 2000) The changing society is always accompanied by a change in the work environment: these changes – especially in terms of flexibility – entail new requirements for work spaces. Therefore, more and more spaces are created, which provide an infrastructure that self – employed workers, freelancers and employees can use flexibly and where, at the same time, they can enjoy the benefits of networking. By approaching the structure of “coworking spaces” as a social category, my diploma thesis at KISD tried to clarify in what way the deterritorialization of the classic office space is a positive development. To give an overview about the broad history of non-territorial office space concepts – which is no brand-new concept but has rather been used in various ways since computerization –, different evolution stages had to be clarified.In this context first steps towards “non-territorial” spatial structures were already made about 40 years ago in German IBM labour

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