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Tag: 31. Oktober 2017

First iphiGenia Gender Design Award Celebration: A Fantastic Night Met With Great Acclaim

It was a truly successful start to the iphiGenia Gender Design Award. Filled with a lot of passion and commitment and toasted with very fine wine, the night exceeded the expectations of both audience and award winners. [deutsche Fassung siehe unten] When the about 200 guests arrived at the Cologne Museum of Applied Arts, they were greeted with subtle sounds and atmospheric visuals promising a very special night. A 13-strong team of iGDN members from Cologne and Berlin had set up a programme that did justice to the occasion. Presenters Tanja Godlewsky and Prof. Dr. Michael Erlhoff guided the audience through the programme in an entertaining and playful way, catering to both German and English speakers. In her opening address, the museum’s director, Dr. Petra Hesse, underlined the award’s importance and topicality. Member of the German parliament, Anke Domscheit-Berg, also called for more gender-sensitive design, providing a fact-based and striking account of gender inequalities and gender stereotyping in everyday life. For many of the guests, who came from all sorts of professions and industries, Prof.

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