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Tag: 9. Dezember 2019

SYMPOSIUM: TRANS/ FEMINIST HACKING Spaces, Communities, Practices 12.12.19- 13.12.19

Trans/feminist hacking is a hybrid, nomadic and ever-changing practice embodied through diverse communities – people living continents apart are sharing ideas, concepts, positions and attitudes, enriching them with their local spirit and historical knowledge.This symposium gathers reflections, experiences and positions on trans/feminist hackspaces, communities and practices in order to discuss the chances as well as current challenges, detect patterns among groups and to eventually formulate common lines of thought. Within the framework of this gathering, we would like to address questions of how we can articulate these insights, and how we can practice them through art and design, open source development, community building, academia and activism. Michelle Christensen / Stefanie Wuschitz / Florian Conradi Schedule: 12.12.2019 13:00-22:00 13.12.2019 11:00-15:30 Location Einstein Center Digital Future Wilhelmstraße 67 10117 Berlin Registration Please register by the 10.12.2019 to:michelle.christensen(at) Programm Cornelia Sollfrank / Yuwei Lin / Mino / Ira Agrivine / Asa Rahmana / Dorothé Smit / goldjian / Deborah Hustic / Natalia Rozalia Avlona / Reni Hofmüller / Jogi Hofmüller / Verena Kuni / Denisa Kera / lizvlx

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