Important and Exemplary Activities

Travelling exhibition with supporting conference

  • Hong Kong, Design Institute for Social Innovation at HK PolyU: ‘The Great Small’, a three-month exhibition and a conference with keynote speakers Sheila Levrant De Bretteville, Yale University, New Haven/USA; Elizabeth ‘Dori’ Tunstall, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne/Australia; Uta Brandes, Technical University Cologne.
  • Hamburg, designxport: two-month exhibition and discussion on gender-sensitive design
  • Berlin, designtransfer, exhibition and panel discussion
  • Hanover University, two-month exhibition and conference



  • Gender and Design in Action: Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Technological Interactions, Chemnitz Technical University

Workshops on Gender & Design at various universities (ongoing)


Latest Activities

  • Gender Saloon: Gender design round table – theoretical and political positions
  • Research project (in planning): Gender-sensitive cities
  • Editing a special issue of GENDER magazine, focusing on Gender in Design (publication date: September 2017)
  • iphiGenia Gender Design Award
    Annual award for outstanding gender-sensitive design, awarded in two categories: ‘Evolution’ recognises both established and young companies, agencies or other initiatives that explicitly support the cause of gender-sensitive design and whose work unites an all-embracing, convincing approach with excellence in design and execution. The iphiGenia Gender Design Award ‘Revolution’ recognises an individual product (including campaigns, communication design, digital designs, services etc.) showing a credible and innovative fusion of gender-sensitivity and intelligent design.
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