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Marijke Doemges

Vice Chair iGDN Germany

Portrait Marijke Doemges Marijke was born in 1981 in Sieglar and now lives in Cologne. She holds a BA and a MA in Integrated Design from the Köln International School of Design. She is vice chair of the iGDN Germany. Marijke is a trained goldsmith; from 2002-2008 she worked in several goldsmith ateliers as a jewelry designer and as an instructor for goldsmithing workshops. She also worked as an interior and packaging designer before focusing on theoretical approaches in design in 2008. In 2011 she was admitted to the German National Academic Foundation. Her focus is on design theory and history and, naturally, on gender issues in design. Hence, with her MA thesis, she continued her research into the sexualisation of girls vs the infantilisation of women in design. Currently, Marijke works as a social media designer.

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