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Kategorie: FindOfTheDay Empowering Female Designers?

Etsy: one the one hand empowering female designers to run their own business with flexibility and autonomy, but on the other it reproduces the limiting image of women in arts and crafts, or characterising ‘design’ as domestic work rather than a critical and holistic reflection of the confrontation with social conditions and relations. Wall Street Journal reports that 86% of the  1.4 million active sellers are female but only 30% of its sellers use their creative business as their sole source of earnings. So, selling handmade goods and their online marketplaces might contribute to keep women in (multiple) low income positions and drive a “transition away from the security, reliable incomes and protections”.  What do you think?

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Rethink! review by

Thomas Edelmann of wrote a detailed review of our exhibition and the ‘Gender Talk’ at designxport Hamburg:…/…/gendersensibel-entwerfen/358955

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Dude Stop the Spread please!

‘Manspreading’: New M.T.A. Campaign

The targets of the campaign, those men who spread their legs wide, into a sort of V-shaped slouch, effectively occupying two, sometimes even three, seats are not hard to find. Whether they will heed the new ads is another question. Article by By Emma G. Fitzsimmons on

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