Gender Equality and Diversity in Design Conference 2021

Gender Equality and Diversity in Design / Intro Pictuer

14 /15 October 2021 •
Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences •
Institute for Design Research 

Call for Key Speaker

• Design describes a discipline and competence that has an impact on all levels of our public and private life and in which, precisely for  this reason, the debate about a fair distribution and an equitable design of resources and  their access for social coexistence becomes central. With the New European Bauhaus Initiative as part of the Green Deal agreement, the European Union has officially made  clear the relevance of design and art for the humane shaping of a new better future based  on the triad – sustainability, inclusivity and  aesthetics.

With our conference we – the research cluster „Design &Gender“ at the Institute for  Design Research, Darmstadt University of Applied  Sciences–want to specifically stimulate an  interdisciplinary and cross-university discourse  on the topic of „Design and Gender Equality“  and thereby explicitly address Design & Diversity themes as well as Inclusivity as part of our  engagement towards social sustainability. 

Download CfP Deutsch ▾ (PDF) 
Download CfP English ▾ (PDF)

Call for Contribution & Participation

• Proposals for papers in the thematic areas presented or intertwined with these areas, or other topics directly related to the conference theme, can be submitted via e-mail until end of June 2021. Potential contributors are invited to submit a short abstract.

We also would like to encourage students to present papers, projects or products that address the above topics or focus on gender equality and diversity in design.

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