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Griselda Flesler – We must think about who is inside or outside of our categories when we design. (Video)

Griselda Flesler gives a moving and intense statement on Gender and Design.

Thank you to Griselda Flesler for a moving and intense statement on Gender and Design. Griselda supports iGDN as RCi member (iphi Research Committee international).

Griselda Flesler is professor of the Department of Design and Gender Studies at FADU, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina; she also is a researcher at the American Art Institute of the University. It was her who initiated and founded the ‘Unidad de género‘ at the university. and

The iphiGenia Gender Design Award 2020 #iphi2020 was postponed due to Covid-19. Instead, the international Gender Design Network / iGDN is offering space for video statements and interviews by former iphi winners and renowned design experts / members of the iphi Research Committee international.

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