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»A Women’s Thing» – iphiGenia »Revolution» winners interview

»A Women’s Thing« is a print and digital publication dedicated to reshaping society’s ideas of what “women’s things” are. They are interested in stories that never get told: educational, emotional and inspirational. The US-American publication will be awarded with the second international Gender Design Award iphiGenia »Revolution«

We are keen on learning more about our iphiGenia-winners work and their idea about gender design. Here are our questions to Saskia Ketz, editor-in-chief:

How did you get the idea for A Women’s Thing, and how did it start?

I was working at a tech startup here in New York and we had many male employees, which sometimes brought in an unbalanced dynamic for the women on the team. Company culture, of course, reflects the socialization of its employees.

After reading Sandberg’s “Lean In”, I wanted to create a women’s group within the company, mainly to discuss our thoughts on how we could have a stronger voice when it came to hiring decisions. We interviewed Roseanne Haggerty, who has been a pioneer of homelessness efforts in the city of New York, for a non-profit project related to the startup. I learned a lot about entrepreneurship and about dedicating your time to a bigger cause—that sparked the motivation in me to do my own share in a field I very much care about.

What are “women’s things”?

Anything we want them to be. I personally care about fine arts, sustainability, entrepreneurship, and politics. “Women’s Things” for “A Women’s Thing” are focusing on those categories and a few more.

How did you approach (and find) all these bright and wonderful women to work with A Women’s Thing?

Our entire team consists of people who want to make a change in this world in regards to how they see the future of women. They believe that by sharing their stories, helping others share their stories by editing or contributing artwork, they make a difference. Or, they’re individuals or non-profits that want to get the word out about the great work they do. Contributors either email us, or we reach out to them.

Do you think you can act as a role model for others? If so, for whom?

I’m not sure. I think a role model is a very passive role. A role model is somebody that is being observed doing things that are important and that inspire another human to do something. Hopefully “something” means “great things for the greater good.”

Can you give a short explanation of what gender-sensitivity means to you?

To me, being gender-sensitive means that you care about the background, the upbringing, the cultural imprint in terms of all genders. The same counts for other communities, or minorities, if you like. Being sensitive means that we care about each other’s feelings and notions, that we respect them and consider them in our thoughts we share.

Thank you “A women’s thing”,  for your a vivid, intelligent and experimental approach to online and offline publishing. We admire your aims to actively reshape society’s ideas of what ‘women’s things’ are by finding and highlighting stories that are rarely told, embodying an unfolding extension of the image of ‘the woman’ herself.

A Women’s Thing Magazine

The iphiGenia Gender Design Award will be given to “A Woman‘s Thing” on 08. November 2018 at 7 pm at the Cologne Museum of Applied Arts/MAKK.

›› Learn more about the iphiGenia Gender Design Award.

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