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Aesop – iphiGenia »Evolution« winners interview

Home Brass Oil Burner Aesop

Aesop – the Australian company creates skin, hair and body care products. They are an exceptional example of a company bringing together gender, culture and social commitment in an outstanding overall design approach that is both respectful and sensitive.

We are keen on learning more about our iphiGenia-winners work and their idea about gender design. Here are our questions:

Aesop Store Melbourne

The design and the architecture of each shop is different, albeit clearly recognizable. What’s the story behind this concept?

Our stores and counters are the embodiment of our philosophy and our approach to retail service.

While two Aesop spaces are never the same, when a customer enters any door around the world, they encounter the familiar: the products on our shelves, the knowledge, gracious hospitality and service extended by our consultants, and an aesthetic anchored not only to our sensibility but also to local culture, traditions and materials.

Architecturally, our design method is to work with what is already there, weaving ourselves into the core and fabric of the street rather than imposing ourselves upon a locale. We look at the streetscape and try to retain and redeem existing façades, working with a local and relevant vocabulary to contextualise what we do.

The design of our spaces matters deeply to us – they are as cogent an expression of our thinking as products and packaging, created to deliver an exceptional experience to our customers and to the staff who spend hours in them.

Aesop enriches its website with cultural, social and political texts, interviews, philosophies – what impact do you want to make by this?

Our primary business is skin care though we draw constant inspiration from the arts and use them as an avenue through which to inspire, learn and communicate with our customers.

Our creations such as The Fabulist and our monthly newsletter, The Ledger, are an expression of our commitment to a balanced approach to life – one that regards creative pursuits and intellectual curiosity as integral to a life well-lived. These activities, along with cultural and creative partnerships with like-minded artists, galleries, literary festivals and writers, are a pleasurable adjunct to our formulation of skin care.

Thank you Aesop, for an an outstanding overall design approach that is both respectful and sensitive – and also very successful.

The iphiGenia Gender Design Award will be given to “Aesop” on 08. November 2018 at 7pm at the Cologne Museum of Applied Arts/MAKK.

›› Learn more about the iphiGenia Gender Design Award.

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