Why iGDN?

Why we need the international Gender Design Network

Design is a substantial part of our everyday world. Therefore it is necessary to bring gender awareness to the design process, to avoid both gender blindness and gender stereotypes.

Not all genders in design (as in others areas as well) enjoy equal participation and esteem. The potential of manifold genders is neither taken into account nor honored appropriately. Also, the impact of gender on the processes of production, distribution and use is still hugely underestimated.

This is disadvantageous for all parties concerned: for society, for designers (of every gender) and for the users of design.

There is already a large number of interest groups in design, but they are mostly concerned with job-specific and design strategy-related matters. Our goal is to empower female and non-binary perspectives in design, on the designer’s as well as on the user’s side.

That’s why we are  focusing on gender within the design process especially: how to develop gender sensitive methods and how to implement them into the design process. We are bringing together in a single influential and powerful network all those who have an interest in this issue.

About iGDN

The international Gender Design Network was conceived by Dr. Uta Brandes (Professor of Gender & Design and of Design Research at the Köln International School of Design) and Simone Douglas (Director MFA Fine Arts, Associate Professor of Photography, School of Art, Media and Technology, Parsons The New School for Design, New York).

The iGDN in Germany was founded in September 2013.

Board Members

Claudia Herling, Chair

Ina von Rumohr, 1st Vice Chair

Julia Pierzina, 2nd Vice Chair &Treasurer

Prof. Dr. Uta Brandes, Honorary Chair